October 16, 2012

The Kunsthalle in Krems was a real treat. (Not to mention the lovely little town along the Danube) We went to watch the Francis Picabia exhibition. We had mixed feelings regarding the artist but the exhibition itself was nice and the curating too. 

What I liked the most is the building itself. The wallpapers on the staircase remind me on Kusama’s work. The former tobacco factory is turned into a great space which houses more exhibitions in the same time. 

Krems is an absolute must! The Kunstraum Stein belongs also to the Kunsthalle Krems. It is in a separate building, which is more ancient and the wooden stairs squeak beneath your feet. Here, to our biggest surprise, our friend’s (György Katona) friend Dan Perjovschi exhibited his works. He reacts also on current political happenings on huge murals, such as Qui Zhijie (see earlier this blog) but is much more to the point and witty.

October 16, 2012

In June we had visited an extremely interesting exhibition in the Witte de With Contemporary Art in Rotterdam. The Chinese artist, Qui Zhijie is drawing huge murals, maps, blueprints - call them as you wish. His connections between the different things in life is extremely subtle, clever and gives a lot of food for thought. This exhibition visit was one of the longest, because in every detail there is brilliant thought that I wanted to discover and understand. 

October 16, 2012

The Botanical Garden in Budapest (Füvészkert) looks back to 230 years long history. After the publication of the novel The Boys of the Paul Street by Ferenc Molnár the garden got really famous. 

Due to renovation works in the past years the garden is a really nice hide out in Budapest, although it is located in the 8th district, which is not the fanciest part of the city. It is anyway a time travel and a great oasis. 

October 16, 2012

The lady is a bit nuts…but her art is very honest and true. Yayoi Kusama’s exhibition in the  Whitney Museum of American Art is really an interesting retrospective. It shows the wide spectrum on which Kusama has been moving: based in conceptual art but influenced by minimalism, feminism, surrealism, art brut. Her works are infused with autobiographical and sexual content.

Kusama went in 1957 to New York where she got quickly famous and exhibited with Warhol and Claes Oldenburg. She picked up quickly the avant-garde spirit and her live body shows were famous, when naked people were painted with polka dots. 

1973 she went back to Japan and became a fashion designer and opened a gallery. Some years later she voluntarily went to a mental institution where she still lives.

The Whitney Museum of American Art is a great building. Especially the front with the tiny window. Marcel Breuer’s work is architectural jewel, even if it is empty.

October 16, 2012

n June we visited the EYE, which is the newest and most modern film museum in Amsterdam. The weather was extraordinary and so the whole atmosphere inside and outside the building. The Vienna based architects from Delugan Meissl Associated Architects  made a remarkable building on that side of the river IJ. It is spacious but not too huge and the levels and different rooms are loosely connected, giving you the sensation, that you do not miss anything.

September 3, 2012
The Biblical Gardens of NYC. Series: God in NYC gardens › A Journey through NYC religions

May 31, 2012

The Anselm Kiefer exhibition in the Essl Museum was a really good example, how much it can add, if you hear a guide speaking about the monumental masterpieces. 

This interview with Anselm Kiefer shows, that he is an artist, who is not led by the selling price of his works. The message, that he wishes to convey with his huge tableaus and multi-material works are far beyond shocking or provoking. He expresses universal and eternal questions evoking historical disasters to open one’s eye. All this put in such a symbolic world, which often uses metal, human hair, branches or clay to express the inexpressible. 

May 31, 2012

Am Pfingstmontag sind wir nach Klosterneuburg geradelt. Das Essl Museum liegt an der Donau und der Weg dahin hat uns eine ganz andere Seite von Wien gezeigt. Das Museum ist angeblich die grösste gegenwaertige Sammlung in Österreich. Die Anselm Kiefer Ausstellung war bezaubernd und gewaltig. (Mehr dazu im naechsten Post) Das Museumsgebaeude ist auch beeindruckend und das Ehepaar Essl ist beneidenswert. :) Sie machen es echt gut mit ihrem Marketing und die Führungen, Programme, die sie anbieten sind grossartig. 

Mehr dazu auf English hier.

May 30, 2012

So here it, is. A new blog and the first post on it. I decided to start a blog about Museums because I have a tremendous amount of photos of them and I really do like to be in Museums. They are a bit big symphony orchestras: they preserve something from the past and it depends on the people in the museum (musicians) how well the pieces get presented and how much (if) they can touch the public.

The Neues Museum in Nürnberg in 2012 February was a highlight because the building was really amazing and the setting, namely that it is the middle of the old town and if you watch out you see all the middle-age-like little houses and church towers, which makes a pretty contrast with the contemporary architecture, not to mention the art pieces.

The museum shops are also always a story for itself and says a lot about the museum, in my view. Here, there was a golden retriever laying peacefully on the floor. And I found a book with a provoking title too. :)

Architect: Volker Staab